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What you should be blogging…

Here are some guidelines of what we’d like to see in your coursework blogs, with dates we’d like to see them finished by. These particularly apply to groups A and D – group C will be catching up, don’t worry!

Print these out and tick them off as you complete each one. Don’t forget to check for teacher comments in case there are ways for you to improve your posts.

OVERDUE – These should already be done

Group Blogs
  • Repertoire of Elements for your genre, based on your individual research
  • Your production pitch (modified and improved following class feedback)
  • Links to your individual blogs.
  • Production schedule: what you will do when.
  • Notes and pictures from your recce
  • Discussion of target audience
  • Script
  • Storyboard (no more time for animatics!).
  • Finish (with title cards and candidate numbers) your prelimary task and upload.
  • Write a titles list; design production company logos and choose titles font; create and blog about your soundtrack.
  • Remember, these jobs can be shared between you in your group, then reviewed together.
Individual Blogs
  • Textual analysis of the film opening you analysed for genre research
  • Link back to your group blog.
  • Your individual evaluation of your preliminary production task: what techniques worked well, what didn’t, what have you learned about pre-production, production and post that you will apply to this new production. Post the film on VIMEO and embed it in your blog.
  • Keep a production diary on YOUR OWN role within the group production: log every contribution to pre-production, production and post, including your contributions to the group blog. Keep this in brief note form – ‘tweats’ if you can, except where textual analysis is appropriate.


There is still your evaluation to write. You will be getting guidance on this before the end of term, and will draft it over Easter.


The deadline for your production work to be finished is Friday March 26th. You will NOT be allowed to continue post-production work after this date. Please remember that D6 is open for coursework surgeries every Monday and Thursday after school.

Mr A.


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